Lafco Champagne Room Mist



Step onto the penthouse’s terrace to a civilized Sunday brunch overlooking a blanket of green that is the park below. A platter of grapefruit dotted with raspberries is offered. Would you like ginger tea, a mimosa or a glass of champagne? Perhaps a taste of each?

Sparkling grapefruit, Tuscan lemon and ginger are gently calmed by rose, neroli and verbena.

Room Mist

Crafted with premium quality fragrances and delivered in an elegant colored glass vessel, our Champagne, Penthouse room mists are naturally luxurious and instantly transform the ambiance of any room.

Order online or call the shop at 617-489-2500. Shipping is available to 48 contiguous states. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


  • Ingredients:  Essential oil based fragrances deliver a natural and true scent.  Free of dyes and propellants for a genuinely pure experience
  • Highly concentrated fragrance oils are specifically blended to provide a robust burst of lasting scent
  • Size:  4 oz
  • You only need a single spray of our room mist to fill an average sized room.  Each spray provides between 1 – 2 hours of lasting fragrance and each bottle contains over 750 sprays.  Use a single spray for each application and only use additional sprays if you desire a stronger fragrance.  Store your room mist away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.